Wanna See Some Art? Christmas Edition

by Art Fag City on December 20, 2005 Events

Here at AFC we’re all about giving, and as such we have provided a gallery round up for the day.

Barbara Gladstone Gallery
Lari Pitman
November 19th – December 23rd
If Bad Painting is Your Thing, Then This is A Must Read Listing

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I realized I had to list this show Saturday, when I visited Barbara Gladstone Gallery and was actually angered by the fact that the Lari Pitman show is still up. When will someone outside of New Jersey show some decent abstraction again? Pace presents the closest thing to good abstract painting that I’ve seen in Chelsea, and James Sienna isn’t exactly winning me over with his average factory-produced work. Dealer Edward Winkleman thinks otherwise.

United We Stand
December 10- January 23rd 2006
Gallery Blows 0100101110101101.org Cover and Reveals Movie Hoax

From the people who convinced the entire city of Vienna that Karlsplatz, one of Vienna’’s main squares, would be renamed Nikeplatz, 0100101110101101.org presents a new hoax and launches an ad campaign for the fake movie, United We Stand (Europe Has a Mission). The show consists of giant movie light boxes and posters, various ads the group has placed in magazines, a website complete with a moving metal ballad theme song, and a slide show of a fictional poster campaign. The premise of this movie is as absurd as you might expect: In the year 2020 the US declares war on China, sexy Europeans note their disapproval and file some paper work.

But, a good concept alone can not make a show, and United We Stand, is lacking in assets. The gallery is too sparsely hung and in need of additional advertising materials. Among other things, the website promoting the movie lacks a trailer. One could speculate that the group was not completely ready when they hung the show in December as suggested by the postcard decal covering the original October date. What the project really needs to take off is write-up from a duped source such as cinematical.

Zach Feuer Gallery
Tamy Ben-Tor
Exploration in the Domain of Idiocy
November 17 – January 14, 2006
Zach Feuer Promotes Videos That Warn Girls of Arab Men

Tamy Ben-Tor might be Zach Feuer’s latest homerun. That is, if people don’t remember who Alex Bag is. Ben-Tor casts herself as odd ball characters in videos who earnestly express ideas that reveal faulty “logic”. Alex Bag casts herself as odd ball characters in videos who earnestly express ideas that…you get the drift. Of course, established artist tradition doesn’t mean you shouldn’t go see the show. It’s actually quite good.

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