Giving is a Performance Art: Update

by Art Fag City on March 21, 2006 Events

Apologies for the late start this week. It is result of business related to Green Card auctions and what not, which although stressful, has been one of the more rewarding jobs I have undertaken. I want to make the official announcement that the Green Card benefit auction was a huge success! When all is said and done I will have raised just short of $2000 dollars this weekend. This is only $1000 dollars less than I need, so for those of you who feel they missed out on the opportunity to help keep a catty art blog around, you still have a chance to contribute. There is now a paypal tip jar located just under my xml feed, so you can give whenever the urge strikes. All funds will be directed to the Green Card fund.

Also, I realize this makes for a boring read, but I really need to thank everyone who donated art and supported the event, in particular, Mixed Greens Gallery, Anne Polashenski and Rob Carter, and the awesomeness of the inhabitants of Taaffe place, who donated their home and their time to help make the event happen.

Coming up on AFC: A review of Drawing Restraint 9 and response to the response to “The Importance of Micheal Kimmelman”. Also look forward to the Whitney Biennial review part two -you know, the post where I actually discuss art work.

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