Listen, Pigment Based Ink Jet Printers Is A Fascinating Topic For Discussion.

by Art Fag City on April 12, 2006 Events

As a slave to market trends I suppose there isn’t anything I can do but succumb to the short lived excitement I get from hearing about new HP product developments and report on it. I’m sure that most of us will have bought a new printer in the last year, now that a product has been designed that we’d actually really want, like say a line of printers that uses pigment based ink and costs about the same as regular dye-based inks. For artists and galleries that actually care about the quality of the printouts, this is about the best news ever. Of course, for those who stay current on such rivoting topics as new printer product releases this will be old news, since the official announcement of HP’s new Photosmart B9180 came out in late Febuary, (follow this link to an interview with the HP’s product managers and a webpage that is completely typical of a programming geek magazine, in that it is full of puffy fonts and globe clip art).

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