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by Art Fag City on May 26, 2006 Events

Don’t get me wrong I love Mac computers, but only in New York would the opening of an Apple store be a major news event. Given the amount of hype, you’d think the internet had shut down and customer access was limited to their new 5th ave location. Apparently the event was even significant enough to have inspired a couple marriage proposals during the grand opening – because clearly, there is no better expression love than a ring stuffed somewhere in a giant wall of ipod accessories.

All inspired consumer behavior aside, there is good reason to pay attention to the new building as the clear exterior hood is an elegant iconic form, the perfect union of product design and architecture. Of course, it may also pose a potential hazard for the indigenous New York wildlife as one commenter over at Gothamist asked how many birds would lose their lives crashing into the “magnificent” structure. Even though an answer is not required, I can tell you that having seen the crowds over at that store that even the pidgeons will steer clear of the building. It is noisy and crowded at all times.

It is through this experience that I am now happy to report that I will be returning to my regular online shopping, and scheming of ways to avoid the Mac genius bar (tech services). The intense yuppiness of the store is too much to handle. Also, despite their incredible storefront, the interior barely lives up to Mac design standards. The size relationship of smallish products to over sized maple tables is off-putting, and dulls the beauty of the minimalist multiple. I realize all of this sounds rather nit-picky and nerdy, but what can I do? I am a slave to the pursuit of good design.

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