Wanted: One Extremely Hip JPEG That Doesn’t Look Like A Beach Ball

by Art Fag City on May 31, 2006 Events

The PS1 Warm-Up Schedule was announced yesterday, our response to this being…yippie?

I like these events, but I’m never sure why since I have mostly negative things to say about the series. For one, it’s hard to imagine a more hip event than this one, and I can’t say I’m always that interested in primping myself just to look at a bit of art. Of course, viewing what’s in the museum is not really what anyone actually does at these events anyway. There are those who will tell you they have come to hear the music, but it never seems like much of that actually gets done. I came to see Cibo Matto DJ five years ago, but I can’t tell you why I’m there now if it’s not to catch those Target beach balls that get thrown off the roof (here’s hoping they sponsor this years event too). There are others who will tell you they have come to see the winner of the Young Architects Program, but that too seems dubious. Last years effort by Xefirotarch was clearly a project that was conceived in AutoCad without much thought as to how it might be constructed if the proposal actually won, (as evidenced by the fact that it looked like shit and was already falling apart three weeks into the program). Inside sources confirm that about as much planning as it appeared went into the construction of that piece. This year, BEATFUSE! by the New York-based OBRA Architects, will be displayed in the court yard, so we’ll see how that goes. The contest is a great idea but I have yet to see a work that truly transforms the space.

With all this having been said, I must now admit that the latest warm-up schedule looks not so bad. Take a look at what I mean.

July 1
Body & SOUL Ten-Year Reunion with Danny Krivit, François K. and Joe Claussell

July 8
The Idjut Boys (U-Star, Cottage, Tirk, London)
Phil South (No Ordinary Monkey, NYC)

July 15
Todd Terje (Full Pupp, Oslo, Norway)
Kudu “live” (Nublu, NYC)
Citizen Kane (APT, NYC)

July 22
A Guy Called Gerald “live”(Sugoi, U.K. Berlin)
San Serac “live” (Output, Boston)
Derek Plaslaiko (Ghostly, NYC)

July 29
The Juan Maclean “live” (DFA)
Adam X “live” (Sonic Groove, NYC)
Jeffrey Sfire (Ghostly, NYC)

Aug 5
agnès b. Presents”¦

Aug 12
Rub-N-Tug (Eskimo, aNYthing)
Escort “live” (NYC)

Aug 19
Mathew Johnson “live” (Wagon Repair, Vancouver B.C.)
Beppe Loda (Afro-Cosmic, Italy)
Lee Douglas (Rong Music)
Jeremy Campbell (Tropical Computer System)

Aug 26
The Glimmers (Eskimo, Belgium) + a special guest

Sept 2
Carl Craig (Planet E, Detroit)
Gamal Awad + a special guest

I’m very much looking forward to the Body & SOUL reunion and Mathew Johnson “live”” and would normally explain why, but now that I’ve decided to attend I have to spend some quality time with my closet figuring out what to wear to the damn thing. More coverage on this news event once these *basic* decisions have been made…

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