If Two Links Constitute A “Link Dump”, Consider This So

by Art Fag City on June 26, 2006 Events

  • For those of you who don’t use a new reader, or haven’t yet added Grammar.police to your aggregator, critic Kriston Capps relaunched last week and is blogging away. Art Fag City would like to officially issue Kriston our belated “happy posting” wishes.
  • Heart As Arena has an especially gossipy post relaying an overheard conversation at Exit Art‘s opening for Wild Girls. According to this blogger some “really important” person at Artnet asked the front desk if their driver could attend the reception. We should all keep an eye on Mr. Burket, as he may soon have some catty email to publish from Walter Robinson telling him how stupid his “peanut-gallery” art blog is*. Receiving one of those notes would appear to be right of passage for casual and professional art bloggers alike.

*It’s doubtful the story has much to do with the online publication, so it’s also possible Robinson will restrain himself this once.

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