Over Training for Nathans Famous July Fourth Hot Dog Eating Contest

by Art Fag City on July 5, 2006 Events

Could there be a more art related activity than attending a weenie eating contest? Unlikely, I know. Gothamist blogged the event live yesterday, providing the most comprehensive coverage I have seen on the net thus far. The only detail they left out is that the now six time winner Takeru Kobayashi is currently sporting the look of an Asian Lou Ferrigno . Before sitting down to gnaw off 53 3/4 hotdogs in just 12 minutes, he revealed an abnormally muscled arm to the audience thereby disgusting nearly all the women in attendance. That said, the old lady crowd behind me appeared to be unphased by this as they continued to scream loving adorations in Japanese, (at least this is what I think they were screaming).

But moving on to more important matters, to address the unasked question of virtually every reader, no, I didn’t see any contestant puke, but this doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. Also, much to my chagrin, I didn’t have a chance to hear what sort of training goes into these events, but luckily there’s a website for that. Yes, that’s right, The International Federation of Competitive Eating, not only provides profiles on your favorite binge eaters, but links to sites like The Competitive Eating Network, which offers training advice and insights like how blood type might actually effect performance. Welcome to the next two hours of your life in web surfing.

In other news, look forward to the AFC Emerging Artist Summer Series which begins later today. It’s going to be awesome!

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