The Gawker Weekend Makeover

by Art Fag City on July 5, 2006 Events

For those of you who don’t have some form of Gawker iv hooked into your arm, ir I mean computer, the site went through some rather large design changes over the holiday weekend, and has come out with a brand new look today. Thank God. It now at least looks like they have content on their site, and what’s more, you can read it. I know it sounds simple, but large headlines, wider columns, and a bigger type face ensure that reader actually gets through the site. I know I did today, and it has been a while since that’s happened.

One other thought on their new design: I’m sure Gawker is not the first site to do this, but I think it’s a really smart choice to scrap the header for ad placement, and use the sidebar as the home for their logo. The site name is sized appropriately so the ad banner above doesn’t read as though it is the name of the site, and as an icon on the left, the logo heads up every newly posted article. Rather brilliant, I think.

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