The Anablogue: I Only Title in Helvetica

by Art Fag City on July 28, 2006 Events

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In light of the fact that I don’t own a lap top and will be on vacation for the next week and a half, Art Fag City posting will be decidedly light. For those who feel lost without our Internet presence, (those people namely being me), I have started a month long blogging project titled The Anablogue: I Only Title in Helvetica. This blog exclusively publishes hand written material and drawn images, ironically, titling entirely in the Georgia font*. The Anabloguer is meant to be submitted to the Contagious Media Festival, though we’ll have to work a few bugs out before that happens since you can’t submit anything hosted by blogger. Assuming we actually manage to participate in the contest, we fully anticipate to lose because analogue anything seems to find a quick death these days on the Internet (in as much as anything can be analogue in a purely digital format). Following this thought, the mandate of this project is to conceive as many uncontagious media projects as possible during this coming month.

Art Fag City will return to our regular posting schedule August 9th.

*Unfortunately fonts that share the names of states just don’t have the same ring to them in an anabloguer bi line.

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