It Ain’t No Lie, Bye Bye Bye

by Art Fag City on August 15, 2006 Events

Let this be the first and last time Art Fag City ever quotes more than a line from an N-Sync song. Not only is it an uninspired title for a post, but it actually required Internet research to find the full text, because I could only remember the lyrics Bye Bye Bye. Once again Art Fag City is your source for earth shattering news items such as the ass sucking of lyrics written several years ago by five high school students.

While I’m on the topic of good-byes, our first newsworthy item of the day:

Via Eyebeam News

The key creator of reblog software, Michael Frumin (perhaps more commonly known as The Fruminator), will be leaving Eyebeam on the 18th of August. I have never met the man, but I am certain Perry Lowe does not exaggerate when he says Frumin’s smooth dance moves are second to none. In other news, does anyone know why Jonah Peretti is no longer listed as the director of R&D at Eyebeam? If he no longer works there I was not aware of it.

New(ish) Art Blogs

Triple Diesel is an art blog so hip we’d hate it, were it not for general blogging goodness, and an inspired Jason Rhodes interview at the pearly gates of heaven. Does the David Zwirner installation artist pass St. Peter’s screening test to heaven? For those answers you have to actually visit Triple Diesel.

Creative Capital Grant Application For Art Writers

Right on schedule, yesterday evening the application for arts writers became available on the Creative Capital Foundation website. The deadline for this grant is September 18th, so art bloggers in particular should mark that date on their calendars. It probably goes without saying that we will be applying. I think everyone will be happier if we have a copy editor around here.

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