One Mystery Solved

by Art Fag City on August 21, 2006 Events

On Friday I made some mysterious claims about guest blogging at an unnamed location with the promise that all would be revealed today. Well, here’s one mystery you can close the book on: AFC is one of The Reeler’s “pinch hitters” as he takes some much needed vacation time. I encourage you to read my post on the Slomo screening at MonkeyTown, which was posted earlier today. Also, in addition to the regular The Reeler reading I know you are all doing, I encourage you to check in with him from time to time this week, as it looks like he has a pretty big line up of guest bloggers. Today’s posts are authored by myself, Noel Murray, of the Onion AV club, and Josh Horowitz, author of Betterthanfudge, and the book Mind of the Modern Movie Maker.

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