Gallery Openings Continue into the Weekend

by Art Fag City on September 8, 2006 Events

We are a little behind schedule here at Art Fag City, so quickly here are the openings we suggest for this evening:
Book Launch: Art, Play and Community: A Book Event with Joline Blais, Alex Galloway, and Jon Ippolito

I reblogged this at Eyebeam as well (originally via Newsgrist,) but it never hurts to issue a reminder. Via Rhizome “Both books explore new media art as an expanded field, that interacts and enliven disciples from design to art to video games to science.”

Christopher Reiger
AG Gallery
7-9 pm

Bears about to lick the most vaginal landscape ever*. I’m not sure this is the best painting Reiger has ever done, but generally speaking his work is phenomenal. You have to see it in person though to know this, which is why it is well worth the trip to brooklyn to do so. The paintings are on stretched paper over canvas supports which gives them an incredibly luminous look and feel.

Jack the Pelican
Peter Cain

I don't know what this show is going to be like, but I have heard rumors of cumming santas. Shock for shocks sake is the ultimate in boring, but hear-say tells me this work is more than that. I’ll give you the low down, when I see it tonight. Tara Giannini, an artist I featured here, will also be included in the exhibition.

Susan C. Dessel, Our Backyard, A Cautionary Tale
Dam, Stuhltrager
38 Marcy Avenue

James and Barry have curated a show in the backyard of Dam Stuhltrager. These guys are incredibly smart, and understand the skill and intelligence behind good art making, so this pick is a bit of a no-brainer.

And finally, I recommend everyone visit Tom Moody‘s site for a great write up on artMovingProject’s new exhibit by Marcin Ramocki.

*This particular image may not be included in the show.

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