Art Fag City at The Reeler: The Mess of Mount Weather

by Art Fag City on October 10, 2006 Events

After reading about how Cliff Evans’ The Road to Mount Weather, mimics web banners and other fine Internet ephemera on ArtCal, we were of course intrigued. As such, this week I discuss the fruits of Evans’ websurfing activities at The Reeler, which as it turns out have a lot more to do with shit, piss, and semen, than you might think.

An excerpt to whet your appetite below:

Evans has culled images from the Internet to create often stunningly beautiful collages that move in vertical and horizontal directions across the screen.


….It’s unclear if the artist penned these words as an imitation of text you might find online or if it is just appropriated, but either way, these are the sorts of search results you learn to filter out for a reason.

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