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by Art Fag City on April 12, 2007 Events

Mark Napier, Smoke, 2007, custom software, computer, dimensions variable, (three stills)
Image copyright bitforms

Mark Napier, New Work
bitforms gallery
529 West 20th Street, 2nd Floor

After having said in another post that Bitforms shows a lot of crap, I’ll now observe that New Media artist Mark Napier has a show opening there tonight that I plan to attend. I can’t speak to the new work since I haven’t seen it yet, but to grossly simplify what you might see, expect an exhibition featuring lot of wonky looking Empire State Buildings. As far as I understand from the press release, his work is hinged off his idea that “power is no longer associated with physical objects, but with the persistence of ideas in the collective consciousness of the media.” My hope is that the exhibition is not too literal a representation of that line of thinking. I’ll let you know the results tomorrow.

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Martha Rosler, Virtual Minefield

Location One
26 Greene Street

Martha Rosler’s installation Virtual Minefield, was being installed at Location One the last time I requested images, so I’ve got nothing but a vaguely related DIY project. Inconveniently located in Soho, attending this opening in addition to those in Chelsea will require a substantial amount of self discipline, as you’ll have to limit your art viewing and networking time. Look forward to a “burlesque of a minefield, as a reminder of current combat zones and as a metaphor of the world political situation”, whatever that is, and a mock up of a phrasealator, which for those of you not in the know, is basically equivalent to a beta universal translator (developed by the department of defense). Boing Boing highlights a passage in the Guardian about this device, observing that it is much more likely to cause than prevent war, as the machine doesn’t have much in the way of social skills.

Dana Schutz, Mona, 2006, oil on canvas, 40 x 30 1/2 inches
Image copyright Zach Feuer

Dana Schutz, Stand By Earth Man
Zach Feuer Gallery (LFL)
530 West 24th Street

Get to this painter’s opening early if you want to even enter the gallery. It’s going to be a madhouse I’m sure.

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