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by Art Fag City on June 28, 2007 Events

For those who are dying to find out the results of the ROFL! competition at Joe’s Pub last Friday, I have the full report! Rather than keep you all in suspense throughout a long drawn out post, I will just announce up front that Tony Carnevale of Chanel 102 won the last round in a showdown between him and Andrew Baron of Rocketboom. I’ll be posting videos from the competition through out the day, beginning immediately with a few no one saw. That’s right; Art Fag City has the unseen or lost videos, if you will, from contestants who were either eliminated in earlier rounds.

YouTube Preview Image

Windows 3.11 by Quesada Oldies

Artist Charles Broskoski of SuperCentral did really well in Friday’s night’s competition, making it into the second round before the night’s winner Tony Carnevale, beat his selection. Had he made it to the final round, surely Windows 3.11 would have been formidable competition.


Cow rescued from pool.

I hate “funny animal stories”, but contestant Michelle Collin’s gets a full pass from us for this one. Dry police reports on missing cows that land in neighboring pools are pretty good.

Look forward to further “lost videos” later in the day. In the meantime, I leave you with my favorite ROFL! reject of the competion; Tony Carnevale’s Hamster Dance

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