Posting Notice: The Final Emerging Artist to Arrive Monday

by Art Fag City on August 24, 2007 Posting Notice

Heather Rowe,  Persona (Blue, black and beige)

Heather Rowe, Persona, (Blue, black and beige), 2007, Wood, frame, mirrored glass, paint, 29.8 x w: 21.6 x d: 7.2 in

Well, I tried, but it looks like the last emerging artist will appear on the site this coming Monday. I’m out of town today, so that certainly puts a cap on what I can do during the day. In the meantime I encourage you to consider the work of Heather Rowe [above].

Also, I suppose inviting readers to come watch me surf the web “live” at Eyebeam with a bunch of dudes is a bit of a tough sell, but I invite you all regardless. Meet me there at 8:00 pm. Chances are I’ll be late. Because I always am.

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