Posting Notice: Minor Link Dump Edition

by Art Fag City on August 30, 2007 Events + Posting Notice

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Video by Julie Ruin (Kathleen Hanna), directed by video artist Sadie Benning. via bblagojevic

It’s sort of a shame since I’ve got all kinds of posts to be writing, but due to necessity, content will be a little slim on AFC until next week.  We have a lot of house cleaning projects to take care of prior to the art world opening up again September 6th.

In the meantime a couple of links of note:


Tomorrow I will be competing in ROFL! the Internet gong show at Joe’s Pub.  The competition starts at 9:30, and has turned out to be a really popular event, so do get your tickets early.  Personally, I am excited about taking on Miss Information.  I am guessing a lot of her found web content to be sex related, which should be, well, fun. Also note that Andrew Baron of Rocketboom  and Petra Cortright of Nasty Nets will be competing

ArtCal has relaunched!  I will talk more about the design next week, but in short, I can’t tell you how excited this makes the art Internet nerd in me.

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