A Word of Warning: Metropolis Call for Entries

by Art Fag City on November 5, 2007 Blurb


Why do creative competitions inevitably find the worst designers to create their calls for entry.  In the case of Metropolis, which offers 10,000 to the best design about water, the promo itself looks so unattractive, you have to wonder if  the competition is worth entering at all.  The entry details are hard to read,  the flash website opens in a pop up window, and the skip intro button appears only after the intro has loaded.   Thankfully, with the Metropolis designers appear to have nothing to do with the judging, (Eric Chan, Fiona Cousins, Lance Hosey and Pam Light are this years panel members.)

With all this said, even if Lance Hosey director of William McDonough + Partners, does look at your work, I can’t imagine the $75.00 entrance fee will be worth it.  Which is to say, always proceed with caution when faced with a charge to have your work reviewed.  With only a few exceptions, it rarely pays off in any way shape or form.

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