Nonstop Class!

by Art Fag City on March 18, 2008 Events


The Art Fag City franchise expands, and I haven’t lifted a finger.  I find particular pleasure in the sign indicating a five dollar fine for whining; Do observe this rule — we will be enforcing it!  Special Thanks to Ms. Jen Bekman for forwarding us this photo.

Meanwhile, in my ongoing efforts to include artist Wafaa Bilal in EVERY POST I WRITE,  a new blog has been started to collect letters in support of Bilal, and his wrongful censorship.  I recommend reading the notes people have sent in, because there are plenty of details you won’t find anywhere else (ie, Troy’s Mayor Tutunjian is an artist), and of course you should send a letter yourself.  There’s no reason this man’s art should have closed down two exhibition spaces.

For background and previous posts mentioning the case click here, here, and here.


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