Hollister Co. and John Currin Together At Last on Spirit Surfers

by Art Fag City on June 11, 2008 Blurb


Spirit Surfers always sounded a little too grassroots-hippy for me so I never visited the group surf blog with much regularity.  It’s a decision I’m now regretting because I clearly have a lot to catch up on.  There’s some amazing posts on the front page right now including the brilliant above pairing featuring a Hollister Co. ad with a John Currin painting.  Below this infopruner has posted their male counterparts, Currin himself a striking poster boy for his own work.  Also of note is tntet’s transformer fire, a series of videos documenting the like.  The videos have an uncanny, almost spiritual feeling to them, the layered sound adding a depth and richness to the piece that wouldn’t exist where they viewed individually.  That said, pausing the videos one by one distills the sound, creating an unnatural poignance to what might otherwise be banal.

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