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by Art Fag City on February 11, 2009 Newswire

Matt Held, Shawn Zeiger, 2008

This week in stories run on AFC and picked up elsewhere:

1. The New York Times runs a feature on the squabble over real-estate between The Film-Makers’ Cooperative and Art International Radio first broke here.  It looks like public pressure to keep the Cooperative where it is may work in their favor.  And it should.  The Film-Makers’ Cooperative has been in that building for years, and moving would be an expense too large for the small non-profit.  Art International Radio had its lease renewed by MoMA based on a floor plan that included a sublease to the Cooperative.

Interestingly, an AFC commenter this morning pulled this week’s programming from website with the following editorializing.

The following programs are encore presentations selected from the archives of WPS1. They are included in this week's streamcast and can be found in the AIR archive as well. Close Listening #48: Henry Hills
Host Charels Bernstein and filmmaker Henry Hills discuss sound editing for movies, the pleasures of 16mm film, and the downtown arts scene of the 1970s (31 minutes).

umm”¦ zing?

2. New York Magazine’s Approval Matrix places Matt Held’s Facebook portrait project in the high-lowbrow-brilliant category.  Way to go Matt!  Prior to running here, the story also ran on Tyler Green and Sharon Butler’s site.

3. New York Magazine’s Vulture blog ran a follow up piece on art collective Ridykeulous’  “welcome back Elizabeth Peyton as a gay” first announced here.   Apparently the party was cancelled last minute after receiving what they interpreted as a cease-and-desist letter from Peyton’s lawyer. Peyton until that time had not responded to the invite.

Notably, I received no such notice myself, but was asked to remove the post last week by someone close to the artist.   The request was ultimately denied because unless absolutely necessary I think it’s a bad practice to pull posts from public record, It is however unfortunate Peyton took this to heart.  I interpreted the invite as teasing not malicious.

Ridykeulous is an art collective comprised of artists A.L. Steiner and Nicole Eisenman.

Not to be the linking police, but at two out of the three pieces mentioned at other publications would have done well to cite the original source.

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