Approaching Abstraction in New York on 10/06/09

by David Harper on July 28, 2010 Reviews

Approaching Abstraction
Date: Tuesday, October 6th 2009Sunday, September 12th 2010
Venue: American Folk Art Museum, 45 West 53rd St.

The Folk Art Museum’s Approaching Abstraction has been open for nearly ten months now, but this may be the first show of “untrained” artists where both the creators and their works depart from what is seen as traditional Folk art. As curator Brooke Davis Anderson describes, there is an assumption that Folk artists “work in isolation, they live in rural settings, they have no connection to community or culture, and their artwork is representational, often based on storytelling and personal memories.” With works here not only approaching abstraction but matching trends in non-representational art seen in slick Chelsea galleries, this show is a true challenge to what divides the “outsider” from the “insider.”

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