Art Fag City at The L Magazine: New York City’s Best Galleries and Unintended Art Works

by Paddy Johnson on August 4, 2010 · 4 comments The L Magazine

This week in The L Magazine’s Best of Brooklyn (and Manhattan) issue I name the city’s best gallery’s AND it’s best unintended art.  I’ve included one write up from each heading


Nothing says art like Swarovski crystal designs on your ho-ho! This time-based performance piece is typically made for a small live audience of one, so documentation is essential. Actress Jennifer Love Hewitt is generally regarded as the leader of this little known artistic movement—she announced her own vajazeling this winter on David Letterman, thus sparking the trend. Shortly there after Kathy Griffin televised her own vajazzling in preparation for her live pap smear to increase awareness for cervical cancer.

BEST GALLERIES – Miguel Abreu Gallery

Known for its outstanding exhibition program, the gallery continued to launch stellar shows this winter. Eileen Quinlan’s black-and-white abstracted still-life photographs titled Nature Morte would be one example, though Blake Rayne’s Folder and Application, a mishmash of brilliantly colored Rosenquist-esque paintings and white-on-white shadow typography, proved less compelling. No program is perfect.

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