Rhizome Beta Launches! Donate To Their Community Campaign

by Paddy Johnson on November 24, 2010 Newswire

Rhizome.org in beta

Congratulations to Rhizome.org for launching their new beta site. What’s different? According to their orientation page, just about everything. Rhizome members can save, favorite, annotate and curate artworks. They can also make fancier profiles, and upload high resolution images to their portfolios. Discussion forms and announcement pages have been upgraded so people can chat better and I like that there are membership rates for organizations, so universities, art schools, art centers, museums, and libraries can join.

Anyway, it looks like Art Fag City is going to have to set up a profile. Users can set up free profiles, but advanced features are only available to those who pay the $25.00 member fee. This means the ability to curate artbase, list syllabi, vote in the commissions program etc. I’m going to do this and contribute to their community campaign, because I like what Rhizome does, and I want to make sure they keep doing it. I’m tend to land in the 50 dollar ring tone donation level, but  the rewards get better the more you give. Personally, I want that Michael Smith class portrait, but then I would.

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