George Kuchar Win’s AFC’s Golden Fag Award!

by Paddy Johnson on March 8, 2011 · 1 comment Art Fair

Who had the best all round booth at this year’s New York fairs? With so many fairs it’s not hard to name just one: ADA’s George Kuchar booth at VOLTA. ADA’s Kuchar easily clinches this year’s award for exposing art fair viewers to one of the most under appreciated, yet widely influential artists of his time. From yesterday’s write up:

Nearly every art work in this booth will remind viewers of some other better known artist and it's because George Kuchar’s influenced them all. The films of John Waters, the comics of R. Crumb, the art of Andy Warhol: Kuchar has touched each of these artist's lives. Kuchar never cared to pursue the same success of his friends. Much like Doug Biggert, a man who seems to know everyone in the art world yet describes himself as a “serial photographer” as a means of distinguishing himself from “real artists”, Kuchar has very much remained an outsider despite his connections. In this way, he may be the ultimate artist's artist; respected greatly by his peers, but largely under known and under appreciated by collectors.

Some additional images of the artist’s work.

George Kuchar, 3D prints. My favorite, but a bitch to photograph

George Kuchar

George Kuchar at ADA Gallery. Installation view.

George Kuchar at ADA Gallery.

George Kuchar at ADA Gallery.

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