Sascha Braunig at Foxy Production

by Will Brand on April 19, 2011 Reviews

Sascha Braunig
Venue: Foxy Production623 West 27th Street
AFC’s Rating: 6/10 (Will Brand)

Sascha Braunig’s show of pseudo-portraiture at Foxy Production is full of promise, but Braunig isn’t quite there yet. The portraits are deformed, with monstrous eyes and features that meld into their backgrounds, and work well as a 21st Century addition to the line of work from artists like Francis Bacon and George Condo. Aesthetically, the composition here is good and the colors exceptional, but the brushwork causes the works to fall apart on close inspection: every painting here looks significantly better from five or ten feet away. This isn’t an insurmountable obstacle, only a mechanical weakness, so there’s every reason to believe Braunig’s next show will be very good. Right now, though? Not quite. This is one artist to keep an eye on.

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