Who’s Going to DC’s (e)merge Art Fair Tomorrow?

by Paddy Johnson on September 22, 2011 Art Fair

I’m in DC for the week, so in addition to visiting some of the nations greatest treasures, I’ll be attending the (e)merge art fair tonight and tomorrow (the event runs through Sunday September 25th). Every fair has a concept that defines its character, whether it be new art dealers, collective exhibition strategies, or whatever it is the Armory touts, and this one is no different.  According to their website, “(e)merge combines an exhibition platform for galleries and nonprofits with that for vetted projects by unrepresented artists.” We’ll see how the unrepresented artist idea turns out, it could go either way.

Meanwhile at least one panel seems worth checking out: Emerging Art / Emerging Practices tomorrow at 2pm @ Capitol Skyline Hotel — Room 1. Participants include moderator Claire Breukel (Contemporary Art Curator and Writer) and panelists, Matthew Higgs (Director/Chief Curator, White Columns), Kristen Hileman (Curator, Baltimore Museum of Art, Baltimore, MD), JJ McCracken (Artist), and Walter Robinson (Editor, Artnet Magazine). Why? Mostly because I’ve seen both Matthew Higgs and Walter Robinson speak, and they are both very smart.

So, anyone in DC want to join me at the fair?

Related: The Art Dossier hosts a light interview with the fair’s founder Helen Allen.

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