Art Fag City At The L Magazine: Jessica Dickinson Proves the Canvas is Never Empty

by Paddy Johnson on November 25, 2011 The L Magazine

Installation view of Jessica Dickinson: Before/Beside courtesy James Fuentes Gallery

This week at The L Magazine I channel my inner Rauschenberg to discuss an understated show of monochrome paintings by Jessica Dickinson:

The truth is most viewers will need to care about paint and process to enjoy this show, and those qualities neither appeal to the majority of casual viewers, nor translate well into words. While I can observe that the virtuosity of the blue in Dickinson’s “Give” lies in its ability to mimic the translucent—it is at once reflective of the light shining into the gallery and the pools of turpentine used to lay down the paint—I can’t explain why a viewer should care. The best I can offer is that it moves me.

To read the full piece click here.

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