• Julia Halperin

    From my conversations this morning, it looks like the auction house did not get the 2.5-hour work week reduction it wanted, but did get a reduction in overtime pay (I’m waiting to hear how much). Sotheby’s will also now distribute overtime opportunities evenly among art handlers, not favoring union members or senior employees. (Also, as to the “roster of 60″ question, I think the union meant that whenever Sotheby’s added on new part-time workers, they wanted them to be union. How far we’ve come from a time when that seemed like a possibility.) 

  • http://www.facebook.com/Balhatain Brian Sherwin

    Having been a union member in previous jobs… I don’t have a good opinion of unions overall. I observed a lot of workers suffer over the saber rattling of a few.  I’m just glad these workers can get back to work.

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