[Sponsor] The Avant/Garde Diaries: “Jonathan Jones & Cockatoo Island – Dialogue for the Future”

by Sponsors on July 9, 2012 Sponsor

The Avant/Garde Diaries is a digital interview magazine that documents artists on the forefront of their creative field. In each article a featured diarist speaks about people or individual works of art they consider to be ahead of their time. These iconoclasts discuss the cutting edge of art, design, fashion, music and film. Through their eyes we experience uniquely personal profiles that celebrate and inspire the avant-garde.

The Avant/Garde Diaries’s most recent entry, “Jonathan Jones & Cockatoo Island – Dialogue for the Future” follows the contemporary site specific installation artist, Jonathan Jones, as he explores his native Sydney Harbor’s largest landmass, Cockatoo Island. The area’s vast indigenous and industrial history make it a fascinating site for contemporary art and the Biennale of Sydney.

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