Molecular Cuisine: The Politics of Taste, Oct 19-21 at SVA

by Paddy Johnson on October 16, 2012 Sponsor

Do you like that Five Guys hamburger because it tastes good? Perhaps it’s simply that you prefer one style of cooking to another.

Molecular Cuisine: The Politics of Taste, a conference taking place October 19-21 at the School of Visual Arts (SVA) will explore these ideas and discuss how taste is formed. As they see it, Taste is not only an important part of the culinary arts, but also art history and theory, sociology, anthropology, as well as the cognitive, material, and biological sciences.

As such, conference organizers have assembled a diverse selection of experts to speak on the subject. There you’ll learn about everything from the significance and symbolism of sugar sculpture in 16th- and 17th-century Italy to the famed Futurist cookbook, which came out of the Futurists’ vision of banquets as a gesamtkunstwerkthat combined sound, light, aromas, and touch with food.

If that sounds exciting to you, we’re on the same page. We’ll meet you there.

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