Lorna Mills Opens at Transfer Gallery Tomorrow Night!

by Paddy Johnson on June 13, 2013 Go See

Lorna Mills at Transfer Gallery

Clear your calendars for tomorrow night. International GIF artist and famed new media blogger Lorna Mills opens “The Axis of Something” at Transfer Gallery. You gotta be there.

I say this, not just because Mills is a good friend of the blog, but because over the last few years, I’ve been visiting her studio in Canada, and watching the work develop. It’s become increasingly complex and abstract.

“The Axis of Something” is of particular interest to me as it will showcase a selection of GIFs paired with a new series of digital prints, only a few of which I’ve seen on her walls. The works, which Mills prints on computer paper, glazes, and tiles into large-scale compositions resemble ceramic bitmaps, but in printed form. The new pieces use sea blues and abstract what appear to be horses. It’s the kind of work that will make a colorist do somersaults of happiness, and I can’t wait to see it.

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