A Day for Detroit: Frederic Edwin Church

by The AFC Staff on August 14, 2013 A Day for Detroit

Welcome to A Day for Detroit. All day long, Art F City and 21 other art blogs will be posting images from the Detroit Institute of Arts’ invaluable art collection. There are fantastic works to be found in their holdings, which, unfortunately, face the threat of being sold off to cover the city of Detroit’s debts. This would be an irreparable loss for those who’ve lived and worked in close proximity to DIA—so we thought we’d focus on them, too.

For Art F City’s contribution to A Day for Detroit, we asked a robust swath of art worlders who have lived or are currently living in Detroit about their favorite works in the DIA’s collection.Their images and commentary will appear on the blog throughout the day.

If you like these images and want to support DIA, share them with your friends. If you live in Michigan, make sure your elected officials know that, in the words of Tyler Green, “you don’t support a fire sale of the city’s future.” You can also become a member of the Detroit Institute of Arts.

Frederic Edwin Church, "Cotopaxi", 1862.

Matthew Luther, artist

One of my favorite works at the DIA is Cotopaxi by Frederic Edwin Church. There is really great detail in this work, especially in the color of the painting. The tone of light changes from light cool tones to very saturated warm tones from the smoke in the sky. I find the painting very mysterious which draws me to it.

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