Silver: Claudia Wieser at Marianne Boesky Gallery

by Paddy Johnson on September 25, 2013 Color Wheel

Claudia Wieser: The Mirror at Marianne Boesky Gallery

Color Wheel is a new series in which we identify a trending color in art for the week and post a daily image that illustrates its popularity. This week’s color is silver. Readers are invited to send us images they have on hand so long as they match the profiled colors and we’ll post the best ones we receive.

Silver has come to the big city! Earlier this week we profiled the EXPO Chicago and Studio/Gang’s Frustrum and Jose Lerma’s silver curtained installation at the MCA Chicago. Today, we return to New York, and take a look at Claudia Wieser’s exhibition at Marianne Boesky. It includes a lot of reflective silver surfaces.

Best known for her geometric constructions, Wieser relies on the use of line and the language of modernism to create her work. Wieser is also a 2009 IMG MGMT artist. We recommend checking out her show, which on view through October 19.

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