Week Nine: Dreaming About Pink Foam, Canned Shit, and SCULPTURE!

by Corinna Kirsch on January 7, 2014 Dream Exhibitions

This week's dream exhibitions will take you to the car wash, Texas-style.

This week’s dream exhibitions will take you to the car wash, Texas-style.

Dream Exhibitions is a new weekly series that asks artists, writers, curators, and other creative types what as-yet unrealized exhibition they’d like to see. Their response: just two to three sentences. Each week we publish three to five new submissions. Everyone’s invited, so dream a big dream, and send it our way (Corinna Kirsch, corinna@artfcity.com).

Woo! We are almost at the halfway mark for “Dream Exhibitions” and each week the dreams get bigger and better. This week we have Marisa Olson, Tamara Johnson, Tony Tasset, and Tim Stigliano.

Marisa Olson

The Dream Male Show, the all-male show to literally end all-male shows. This one is a juried CFP show on the theme of Feminist-influenced art. When submitting their work, entrants must also write a statement about how feminism has influenced their work and/or lives as artists. The resulting exhibition will be accompanied by a free catalogue featuring these statements.

Tamara Johnson

This exhibition takes place in a self-service car wash.

The car-wash exhibition is never closed and open for viewers and patrons alike during regular operating hours. The installations will change each month, displaying different groupings of sculptural, musical, fantastical, epistomological, and/or gymnastical works. It is preferred you enter the car wash in a vehicle, or be open to the elements and requirements of the car-wash establishment: pink foam soap, lots of water, canned sodas, and a large quarter supply. For the kick-off installation Garth Brooks, Reba McEntire, Jo Dee Messina and Dwight Yoakam will wash your car while singing their biggest hits and my first art teacher, Waco’s own Martha McKinney, will pass out small still-life paintings of funnel cakes as Cai Guo-Qiang and his daughter set off a blaze of fireworks from the roof.

Tony Tasset

I would like to see an exhibition of Michelangelo’s “Pieta” and Manzoni’s canned “Artist’s Shit.” The show would be titled SCULPTURE!

Tim Stigliano

Fit Sculpture Center’s basement space with a tank large enough to accommodate a live great white shark. Viewers approach the tank in total darkness, but are given a lantern to light their way.

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