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The Yami-Ichi Flea Market at The Knockdown Center: The 150th Wing of the Internet

by Paddy Johnson on September 15, 2015
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I spent most of Saturday smiling so hard my face hurt. That’s because I milled about the Internet Yami-Ichi for no less than three hours, which is a little like landing in the 150th wing of Internet and discovering there’s a very, very strange party going on. The day long event was actually a giant flea market hosting more than 140 vendors inside Masbeth’s Knockdown Center, a renovated factory space with brick walls, wooden support beams and 40 feet high ceilings. It was a fitting contrast to the vendors wares which were new, disposable and typically useless.

While there, I bought two used passwords for 25 cents a piece, a printout of an old meme I didn’t recognize on office paper for five bucks, two instagram prints printed at a resolution determined by the number of likes it received and plastic five dollar USB drive with animated GIFs on it. I also took home two free badges and a 32 page coffee stained zine filled with Internet slang.

Basically, it’s the best art fair ever. And that’s not just because I was able to buy something. At almost every booth someone was making something driven by their passion for online culture. These are the people who make up the nerdocracy that once ruled the web, and they haven’t gone away. If anything they’ve just gotten weirder. And that’s a very good thing. Highlights after the jump.

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The 150th Wing: Medium Quality Screen Captures

by Michael Anthony Farley on June 17, 2016
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Last year, someone added me to the Facebook group Medium Quality Screen Captures. Suddenly, my newsfeed was full of even more inane or absurd content, cheesy viral marketing, and clickbait than I was accustomed to filtering out. Or rather, documentation of the above net detritus. In screen capture format, the viral videos don’t play, the outrageous headlines can’t be clicked on, and the maddening ill-informed political rants can’t be replied to. These base junk-products of the endless stream of web content are reduced to a neutered archive through the miracle of “post-photography”. In a sense, the informal collective performs a similar function to the VHS-remixing art group Everything is Terrible—skimming the surface of the media we’re semi-non-consentually bombarded with daily online rather than mining the bowels of late-night infomericals and low-budget religious films. In either case, the results are hilarious.

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The 150th Wing: Cameron Lee

by Rea McNamara on April 29, 2016
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What does a face found in a pile of glue, an umbrella that gives you the finger when opened, and a dancing butt have in common? Primarily, they’re all images we found on our Instagram feeds. But perhaps more importantly, they’re the kind of images you’d expect to find if you landed in 150th wing of the Internet and discovered a very strange party going on. They’re weird, they’re fun, and they’re very creative.

And as a part of the “weird internet” many people bemoan has been lost, they’re a bit hard to find. But they’re out there, and we’re here to find them. From now on, every Friday we’ll be posting highlights from a social media account of a member from this society.  

First up, @MarilynMansion, AKA Cameron Lee. The Toronto-based artist, curator and DJ promises, in his Instagram profile bio, “delicious deelites [sic] for your eyeballs.” Specifically, outfit selfies taken before he heads out the door to DJ one of his parties, which includes FEMINISTRY, a “Queer Femmes 2 The Front” monthly happening tomorrow night at Bloordale’s Holy Oak.

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The Best 25 Shows of 2015

by The AFC Staff on December 31, 2015
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2015 was great for art. For all the bitching that went on about art fairs, the dominance of the market, and sub-par museum shows (cough, cough Björk), I saw more great shows than I have in my ten years working as a critic in New York. Rather than try to whittle our picks down to a few select shows, we wrote up every show we thought was truly exemplary.

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