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Massive Links: The Most Important School Ever

by Will Brand on June 18, 2012
  • We love Julia Halperin’s piece on Avenues, a new K-12 private school opening in Chelsea this fall, even though the content scares us slightly. The school will have a focus on contemporary art; among the amenities are a private, growing art collection, visits from working artists, printmaking facilities at Pace Prints and, most importantly, iPads for all. In the words of its founder, “This is going to be the most important new school ever opened, anywhere in the world.” [BLOUIN BLOUIN, OH NO, ME GOTTA GO, AYE-YI-YI-YI]
  • is artnet for net art, and that’s a fantastic thing to have. We liked it so much we bookmarked it twice. []
  • Sam Taylor-Wood and Yoko Ono met thanks to a film Taylor-Wood directed about the adolescent John Lennon, and found they had a lot in common. Taylor-Wood tells a story of an American gallerist who questioned the merit of her work based on the fact that she has four children. Everyone is rightly aghast. [The Guardian]
  • We just came across this recording of LBJ requesting more room in his pants “down where the nuts hang”. It’s in excruciating detail. [Wonkette]
  • Hat-tip to Patrick Gantert for directing us to this Flash explosion of Christianity. Best worst website ever. [Evangel Cathedral]
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Best Link Ever! A Poodle Dressed As A Snail

by Paddy Johnson on June 7, 2011
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Who knew poodle hair mutability could match that of the We Network’s Amazing Wedding Cakes? Sandy Paws, an award-winning poodle groomer (that’s a title you can have, now), had this vision, transforming her pet poodle/mascot Cindy into… just about everything.  Garden snails not your thing? No problem! Cindy has become a Ninja Turtle, a rooster, and even a potted peacock. Suck on that, Hipster Puppies!

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Best Link Ever! Snug and Cozy Contraception

by Art Fag City on February 12, 2010

POST BY PATRICK GANTERT Just in time for Valentine's Day, this week's Best Link Ever! brings you the Wooldom — a handmade eco-friendly cock-mitten. Made from 100% recycled wool, this product keep private bits warm (but NOT protected!) during any long, cold valentine's day love-making session. In addition to keeping your lower half heated, Wooldoms come […]

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Best Link Ever! High Fashion and A Higher Power

by Art Fag City on February 5, 2010

POST BY PATRICK GANTERT Discerning 'men of the cloth' take note! This week's Best Link Ever! Brings you Clergy Style, the one stop shop for all your holy threads. Clergy Style meets the needs of the religious elite with products ranging from ornately patterned, brightly colored robes to patent leather shoes with customizable inserts. In addition, […]

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Best Link Ever! Yet Another Reason to Watch The Food Network

by Art Fag City on January 29, 2010

POST BY PATRICK GANTERT Giadi de Laurentiis on Everyday Italian A summer sausage Mesmerized by olive breasts Forgot what she made Everybody loves tits! That's one of many take home messages from the above haiku, found on this week's Best Link Ever!, Giada’s Cleavage. The poem also provides a repulsive yet elegant encapsulation of the website's content […]

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Best Link Ever! Is in ur computr apropriatng ur graduit degreez

by Art Fag City on January 22, 2010

POST BY PATRICK GANTERT “I made you an Enlightment” – so reads the LOLtheorist caption overlaying Immanuel Kant's portrait, and rightfully earning it this week's title of Best Link Ever. The site is a clever spin on LOLcats, a popular internet meme that places bright blocky text in broken English, on top of cat jpgs. Presumably […]

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