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Two Experts on Sci Fi: Marina Galperina and Laurie Penny

by Marina Galperina on February 10, 2015
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On Black Mirror, Star Trek, and subjective progressivism in sci fi.

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Marina Abramović Afterthoughts: Willpower, Control, Copyright

by Marina Galperina on June 5, 2010

POST BY MARINA GALPERINA All photos by Marina Galperina As Marina sat on her atrium throne on Monday, at 4pm the guards plowed lingering voyeurs out of the 6th floor gallery and her cast performers cried. Marina’s interviews played on a loop around the corner: “One thing I like about myself is my strong will.” […]

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Media Circus Imposes A Landslide of Transcendental Experience: The Last Day at Marina Abramovic’s The Artist is Present

by Art Fag City on May 31, 2010

POST BY PADDY JOHNSON From Marina Abramovic’s last day at MoMA. Image via: Man Bartlett The drama. Marina Abramovic fell to the floor weeping after her last sitter, PS1 Director Klaus Biesenbach, got up and kissed her at the end of his allotted time staring with the artist. What a performance! I liked the exhibition when […]

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When Marina Abramović Dies, An Interview with Biographer and Author James Westcott

by Marina Galperina on April 5, 2010

POST BY MARINA GALPERINA Marina Abramović, Tesla Ball, 2003, cibrachrome, 49.25 x 49.25 inches. Image via: Artnet When Marina Abramović dies, she would like Antony from Antony and the Johnsons to perform at one of her three funerals where no one will wear black and Marina-shaped marzipan cake will be served. Now, the self-proclaimed and widely recognized […]

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