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TheInternetArtist | Meme Generator

by Art Fag City on September 19, 2010

TheInternetArtist | Meme Generator – The LOLcats of internet art.

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Massive Links! Geometric Abstraction Makes Great Material for Netart!

by Karen Archey on July 30, 2009

POST BY KAREN ARCHEY Rafaël Rozendaal,, 2009. Screencapture AFC Rafaël Rozendaal’s new Mondrian-inspired website prompted our list of netart inspired by geometric abstract painting. While most of these links are taken from the ultra-sophisticated Mondrian, Lewitt or Albers, we hope to see netart inspired by painters Francis Bacon, H.R. Giger or Odd Nerdrum. […]

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Can I Get a Tax Deduction For the Artwork I Donated? Short Answer, No

by Hannah Cole on October 4, 2016
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Here’s the scenario: Your friend at Charity X wants you to donate one of your paintings to their upcoming fundraising auction. You’re on the fence, but she mentions the tax deduction, and so you agree. After your painting sells at the event, you get a letter from Charity X, intended for your tax records, stating the price your piece sold for.

This scenario is misleading to the artist.

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Five Challenges to Curating Your Own Online Exhibition

by Daniel Temkin on July 8, 2016
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With the ever rising cost of real estate, the traditional format of an exhibition in a gallery is giving way to the infinite possibilities of online shows. Two Saturdays ago, I gave a workshop for AFC’s 21st Century Survival for Artist Series in which I discussed some of the challenges to curating in this medium. I’ve highlighted five below, but there’s enough work to be done in the medium that I could write several posts on the subject and still not be done. Consider this a primer.

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6 Recommendations for Storing File-Based Artworks

by Anthony Antonellis on June 6, 2016
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Editor’s Note: last month, we launched AFC Workshops: 21st Century Survival for Artists, a two-part series of courses led by artists, educators and art-world insiders designed to give artists the tools to get ahead. Due to the positive response to our May 21 workshops, we decided to run on the blog a series authored by the facilitators summarizing their course’s key takeaways. (If you’re interested, there are a few spots still available for our upcoming June 18 workshops.)

Next up, Anthony Antonellis, who led our “Best Practices: Digital Art Storage” course. Anthony is an artist based on the internet, whose practice involves various forms of net art and curating exhibitions in alternative spaces, such as the 1-kilobyte chip implanted in his hand. He lectures at SUNY Purchase College and is the creator of, an online-gallery listing and directory. 

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The Best of Art F City, 2015

by Rea McNamara on December 31, 2015
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Revisiting the ‘Simple Net Art Diagram’, reviewing an art fair’s virtual tour, calling out Georg Baselitz, breaking news on the USC MFA Class, and even bringing back nerdocracy. Readers, we truly feel a real sense of accomplishment for the stories we wrote in 2015, especially after amassing them in a ‘Best of’ list such as this. We not only paid artists to attend art fairs, but also investigated sexism is arts publishing and even had two Renaissance cosmetics experts dish on body hair removal. Who else publishes this shit? No one.

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