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Paddy Johnson is the founding editor of Art Fag City. In addition to her work on the blog, she has been published in New York Magazine,, Art in America, The Daily, Print Magazine, Time Out NY, The Reeler, The Daily Beast, The Huffington Post, The Guardian, and New York Press, and linked to by publications such as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, New York Magazine, Boing-Boing, The New York Observer, Gawker, Design Observer, Make Magazine, The Awl, Artinfo, and we-make-money-not-art. Paddy lectures widely about art and the Internet at venues including Yale University, Parsons, Rutgers, South by Southwest, and the Whitney Independent Study Program. In 2008, she became the first blogger to earn a Creative Capital Arts Writers grant from the Creative Capital Foundation. Paddy is also the art editor at The L Magazine, where she writes a regular column.

Paddy has written 1237 article(s) for AFC.

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In Review: American Realness at the Abrons Art Center

by Paddy Johnson on January 22, 2016
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Once a year “American Realness” takes over the Abrons Art Center to present two weeks of new and experimental dance-cum-performance. Last year, the pervasive theme running through the festival told a story of survival. It’s hard out there for an artist. This year, curator Ben Pryor assembled a group of performances focused on identity and institutional critique with a bit of self-reflexive formalism thrown in.

I saw too many performances to review, so what follows is a brief recap of my viewing, along with a few thoughts and reflections.

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M. Lamar Brings Down the House at Abrons

by Paddy Johnson on January 15, 2016
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There are times when the apocalypse may be warranted. That’s a statement I never thought I’d even consider making, but after seeing M. Lamar’s stunning operatic masterpiece, “Destruction” at Abrons Art Center, I’ve come around on it. (The show runs tomorrow at 10 pm and is part of the American Realness Festival.) The libretto (co-written by Lamar and Tucker Culbertson) tells a retribution story from the perspective of a black descendent of slaves. Distraught over the loss of life that occurred during times of slavery, segregation and neo-segregation, he calls the dead back to life. When they wake, they are very, very unhappy.

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The Topic is Ass

by Paddy Johnson on January 15, 2016
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What is there to say about ass? Not a hell of a lot, but it’s still a worthy point of focus. Enter Naomi Elizabeth’s “The Topic is Ass”, a song that implores us to consider the ass in all its splendor.  Ironically enough, we barely see any ass in her video, though we do see her, scantily clad, in what appears to be an Uber car, as well as in a 3D-rendered, seapunk-styled gallery.

What the full video here.

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