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Jacob Ciocci





Jacob Ciocci is a founding member of the Paper Rad art collective and the performance group Extreme Animals. Jacob's work is concerned with the relationship between popular culture, popular technology, and collective experience. In his videos, installations and performances, the cultural symbols of our time, both the popular and the obscure, both the contemporary and the recently forgotten confront one another and the viewer on a visceral, emotional, and experiential level. He has performed and exhibited at a variety of venues including the New Museum and MOMA in New York, Tate Britain. Recent activity includes a comprehensive screening of his video work at Anthology Film Archives and an exhibit Cooper Cole Gallery in Toronto.

Jacob, Extreme Animals and Paper Rad have received critical acclaim in a range of publications, including: The New York Times; ArtReview; Artforum; Art in America; Rolling Stone; Mute; Vice; Issue; and Select. DVD publications include "2 Blessed 2 B Stressed" and "Music Is a Question With No Answer", both published by Audio Dregs Recordings, and "Trash Talking" published by Load Records, “Internet Art” (Thames and Hudson, 2004), and 2 artist’s books designed by Paper Rad: "BJ and da Dogz" and "Cartoon Workshop/Pig-Tales" (Picture Box Inc).

Party in the USA takes its title and its musical samples from a song by the pop star Miley Cyrus. Created with his band Extreme Animals, the thumping soundtrack provides a departure point for a video that transforms the generational fears of Internet culture’s effects on our children into an absurd cartoon. The video includes a mix of YouTube videos of children performing on webcams and original footage.

Party In The USA, 2013, Video
Runtime 4'28"
Exclusive for AFC
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NADA NY 2013