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Rollin Leonard





Rollin Leonard (USA 1984) earned a BA in Philosophy and a BA in Painting from the University of Minnesota in 2007. He has shown large-scale video installations, paintings, photographic prints, and web-based work since 2004. His medium varies but his conceptual approach is consistent -- projecting the logic, meaning, or pattern from one domain into another, often using the human body as a vehicle to do so. His work has been shown at The Photographer's Gallery in London, Fach & Asendorf Gallery (Internet, Stuttgart, Kassel), various international shows, and at the 2012 NOVA Festival in Sao Paolo.

Yes/No is a Flash application that runs a loop of Leonard’s face through a methodical process of abstracting and parsing. Like all of Leonard's work he uses his own body as his material. As his face splits into pieces the segments take on a looser connection to each other and independently follow their own individual paths. This piece is neverending and will continue to change the longer it is allowed to run.

Yes/No, 2013, Flash application
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NADA NY 2013