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Sara Ludy





Sara Ludy is a Vancouver-based artist and musician whose work explores the confluence of virtual and real environments. Her work draws on a variety of formats including photography, 3D, video, animated gifs, sound, digital image making and live performance. She holds a BFA in New Media from The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She is a member of the online art collective Computers Club, WALLPAPERS and the band Tremblexy. Recent exhibitions include Spheres 1-20 at Klaus von Nichtssagend, New York, NY; :::ZIP THE BRIGHT::: at Trinity Square Video, Toronto, ON; The Black Lodge at Interstate Projects, Brooklyn, NY; IRL at Western Front, Vancouver, BC; Visual Rhythm at Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, Boulder, CO.

At 449 frames, Sara Ludy’s Copper Cloud, a painstakingly constructed animated GIF, moves slowly and gracefully. Its virtuosity is immediately apparent, though in the digital-rendering world, may be particularly impresive—clouds are considered one of the most difficult subjects to tackle due to their extremely chaotic nature. As we settle in and become convinced of the clouds’ nature, a signature digital seam appears and ripples through the piece, as if forcefully imposing its artificiality on the organic form.

coppercloud, 2012, Animated GIF
449 frames over 31 seconds
Exclusive for AFC
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NADA NY 2013