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This Week’s Must-See Art Events: Constructing Paradise or the Devil Giving Birth to the Patriarchy?

by Michael Anthony Farley on January 30, 2017
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It’s a strange week in post-America, indeed, when the least dystopian art event involves Kim Kardashian ass-workout tapes.

That would be Cindy Hinant’s solo show at MuseumofAmericabooks Monday night. Tuesday, perpetual AFC fav Peter Burr is speaking at the New School, and never has the thought of retreating into one of his installations and imagining life in an underground city been so tempting. But if you’re an artist ready to join the resistance, head to ICP School on Wednesday for a discussion about the role of artists in activism during these dark days. Thursday, every opening feels timely, even Mary Beth Edelson’s 1970s feminist mythologies on view at David Lewis. Down the street, Bea Fremderman waxes apocalyptic at Shoot the Lobster, and the New School has an exhibition about the US/Mexican border that will probably break some hearts.

The weekend brings more timely events, such as David Diao exhibition about his childhood experiences as a refugee (at Postmasters) and a Sunday conference at the New Museum about bodies under duress. Come get advice from lawyers and activists about civil disobedience, the migrant crisis, environmental crises, and more.

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14 Shows You’ve Gotta See in April

by The AFC Staff on April 6, 2012
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Good artworks, like good bears, hibernate. For months, they can’t be found; but now, with the gradual lengthening of days, they’re poking their heads back out, and taking refuge in warming galleries.

But which?

Art Fag City is here to help. With the assistance of local guides and our own expertise, we’ve determined a few select locations where you may be fortunate enough to see good art in the wild. If you spot it, be sure to be quiet, and move slowly; good art is very easily frightened. Good luck!

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