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Wednesday Links: Art World Discovers Celebrities Sell Art

by Paddy Johnson on September 4, 2013

  • Collector Adam Lindemann writes that celebrities are the new sales driver in the art market. I’ve seen lots of snide remarks about Lindemann being the author of this piece over Twitter, and I can’t say its warranted. Lindemann is a divisive participant in this world, but in this case, he hasn’t said anything all that outrageous. Jay Z’s song Picasso Baby does suck. [Gallerist]
  • I’ll be running a Q&A with the new Director of the Albright-Knox, Janne Sirén this Saturday at Buffalo’s Echo Art Fair. Lots to talk about here, so if you’re in the Buffalo area, I recommend checking it out. [Echo Art Fair]
  • Speaking of Buffalo, for those out-of-towners either visiting the fair, or considering visiting the fair this weekend, here’s 10 reasons to check out the art scene. [ArtInfo]
  • These baby German Shepherds are being trained to be police dogs. This photo essay is just about the cutest thing I’ve ever seen. [Buzzfeed]
  • Copenhagen has a new art fair, CHART, and its exclusivity has made it very press friendly. No sales reports that I can see, but this preview from Kopenhagen Magasin sets the scene. Oddly, Charlottenborg hosted the event, which this author deems as a positive because it will increase foot traffic to the museum. It’s hard to believe a museum of that quality ever struggles to bring in visitors. [Kopenhagen Magasin]
  • Interpretations of Success, a new artist-run conference, will take place October 18-20. The Bushwick based event hosts a series of panel discussions that will explore what success means for an artist. Panelists include Judith Shimer, Jen Shepard, Margaret Coleman, Anna Marie Shogren, Kelly Worman and Ben Peterson. [Sign up here–>Interpretations of Success]
  • Christie’s increases its buyers premium for the second time this year. Art collector Alain Servais is not happy. [Art Market Monitor]
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This Is What Adam Lindemann Has Chosen to Present at Art Basel Miami

by Whitney Kimball on November 27, 2012
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Adam Lindemann revives ailing art careers with his tears. Adam Lindemann once brought Marcel Duchamp back from the dead, just to beat him at chess. With his polo mallet. Adam Lindemann…well, you get the idea. Lately, the jet setting art writer has been pounding life into the staid blue chip art scene, from stripping his Madison Avenue space down to cement and drywall to planning an exhibit of Betty Tompkins’ seldom-shown porn paintings at Art Basel Miami.

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MOCA Will Create an Endowed Chief Curator Position

by Corinna Kirsch on August 8, 2012
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In a letter to trustees, MOCA’s executive committee announced it would steer its curatorial department in a new direction by hiring a chief curator to replace Paul Schimmel. According to the letter first published on Bloomberg, MOCA will form a search committee once “the necessary financial commitments [are] in place for a special curatorial fund to endow the position.” The change follows public outcry against MOCA’s prior decision to leave the chief curator position unfilled, thereby consolidating curatorial duties to Jeffrey Deitch, the museum’s director.

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Thank You to Our Sponsors!

by Sponsors on April 28, 2012

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