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Pulse: A Lean Affair

by Paddy Johnson on May 5, 2012
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Let's get one thing straight: The art shown at Pulse is not our cup of tea. The galleries at this fair tend to specialize in boutique art, cluttered salon-style wall hangings, and cheeseball process-based work, and we're not fans of any of that stuff. That said, the fair has been showcasing this kind of work for years, so there's clearly a market for it even if the crowds haven’t been particularly heavy this weekend.

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Morning Links: Decoding and Recodifing Art

by Paddy Johnson on March 26, 2012

  • If you were confused about why Andrew Masullo has the respect he does amongst painters, Carol Kino’s profile in the Times won’t help. There are maybe two and a half paragraphs on his actual paintings in this profile. [NYTimes]
  • Let the Mad Men recaps begin, footnotes and all. ¬†(Hat tip The Awl). [Mad Men Unbuttoned]
  • Attribution symbols for the heavy linkers in the crowd! [The Curator’s Code]
  • All communication to upper decks will involve breast fondling.¬†Star Trek Insignia Pasties. [Incredible Things]
  • Marina Galperina slams The Art Newspaper for venerating homophobic zealot picketers. [AnimalNY]
  • Old news, but in case you didn’t see it, James Murdoch to leave Sotheby’s board. [FoxBusiness]
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2012 Whitney Biennial List, Leaked

by Paddy Johnson on December 21, 2011
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Thanks to GalleristNY for publishing an email with the names of the Whitney Biennial artists. So far the blog’s only been able to confirm 8 of the 51 names, but we’re republishing the list with some initial thoughts.

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