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This Week’s Must See Events: Feminist Icons and the Mechanics of the Gaze

by Paddy Johnson on April 4, 2016
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Need a break from relentless election coverage? Too bad. You’re going to have to wait until November for that—and definitely skip a few art events. And we don’t recommend doing that, because this week feminist icons Martha Wilson and Martha Rosler will speak at Pratt. Given that both their work smartly addresses politics, the subject is sure to come up in discussion and will likely offer a few illuminating perspectives. We’re looking forward to it.

Other highlights in our wheelhouse: tech shows! MVR 3 at Babycastles and Mark Dorf and Sara Ludy at SVA will have you covered. Also—the gaze! Anne Collier’s photographs at Anton Kern often picture the mechanics of reproduction—think image of an eye in paper cutter. They creep us out, but in just the right way.

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14 Shows You’ve Gotta See in April

by The AFC Staff on April 6, 2012
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Good artworks, like good bears, hibernate. For months, they can’t be found; but now, with the gradual lengthening of days, they’re poking their heads back out, and taking refuge in warming galleries.

But which?

Art Fag City is here to help. With the assistance of local guides and our own expertise, we’ve determined a few select locations where you may be fortunate enough to see good art in the wild. If you spot it, be sure to be quiet, and move slowly; good art is very easily frightened. Good luck!

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