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Massive Links! Mo money, mo problems

by Whitney Kimball on September 20, 2011
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Amidst national class warfare, there were some lighter moments this week: e-flux proposed an alternative economy, the MacArthur genius awards were announced, the Google wallet debuted, and the Anonymous occupation of Wall Street is creating a captivating (oft entertaining) news feed.

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Probing the News for This Week’s Verb

by Whitney Kimball on August 10, 2011
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New in art news! Today we announce the pilgrim voyage of Art Fag City’s very own verb of the week. (Sorry, Stephen Colbert). This week in art news, every one got probed. Whether it’s Superman, Marilyn Monroe, your Facebook account, or the enigmatic Mona Lisa, no one is safe from (mostly hacker) probery.

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The Resurrection of Piss Christ (2011)

by Paddy Johnson on April 25, 2011
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Last week at AFC HQ we spent much time toiling away on a press release for an anonymous project we very much believe in. Remember the recent hoo-hah about Andres Serrano’s infamous photograph Piss Christ being destroyed in Paris? Well, we worked with a well-known artist to help get the word out about his response: a knowingly derivative, downloadable image of Christ in a different bottle of piss. This willfully anti-market, anti-collective profiteering from controversy, and anti-fundamentalist has produced a pseudo-immortal net based work: The Resurrection of Piss Christ. It begs your ability to download a file. The project launched yesterday, the day of Jesus Christ’s rising.

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