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Displaced in Denver: A Discussion With the Artists Kicked-Out of Rhinoceropolis and Glob

by Michael Anthony Farley on June 26, 2017
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On December 8th of last year a dozen artists in Denver were forced from their homes unexpectedly. The warehouse building at 3551-3553 Brighton Boulevard had for over a decade illegally housed artists and musicians in two roughly 2,000-square-foot units that doubled as venues at the epicenter of Denver’s DIY scene: Rhinoceropolis and Glob. Just days before, 36 people had been killed by a fire at Ghost Ship, a warehouse live/work venue in Oakland, California. That tragedy has since inspired a series of raids on artist-run spaces nationwide—often leading to displacements.

For months, the landlord and tenants have been trying to get the spaces brought up to code and reopened. The outpouring of support from the art community has since inspired Denver City Council to draft legislation aimed at dealing with issues of illegal live/work spaces, and turned a local zoning violation into a national discussion. I sat down with Warren Bedell and John Golter, two of the displaced artists, to talk about the displacement, the process of reopening the venues, and the politics surrounding the current war on DIY spaces.

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New Artist-Run Gallery to Launch in Rockaway

by Paddy Johnson on January 29, 2016
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By now, Industry City has a reputation of consistently raising artist studio rents and quickly pushing them out. So where are these artists landing? One former Industry City artist and entrepreneur, George Leo Turner, has moved most of his life to Rockaway. He’d already purchased a home there in 2008 (a random bike ride with his wife in 2007 led them to Jacob Riis Park where they feel in love with the beaches and shorelines). This August, when the Fecund Clown Building came up for sale, he jumped. Since that time, he’s founded an Artist Run Center called New York Arbor, which will launch its first show March 18th.

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