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Best of AFC: Summer Edition

by The AFC Staff on August 30, 2013
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Did you beach too hard and forget to read this summer? Fear not, art lovers, for we bring you the second annual AFC Best of Summer list. We’ve brought together the blog’s greatest summer hits from staff and contributors, because, let’s face it, you might have missed out on days or weeks of AFC when you were traveling to Venice, Basel, or closer to home, the Rockaways. We’ve published some great artist essays with our STUFF series, started our “Diary of a Mad Gallery Owner” series, and continued to bring you reviews and opinion pieces. Enjoy.

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The Week’s Must-See Art Events: The Nutty Performers

by The AFC Staff on August 5, 2013


Get ready for some seriously awesome transformative art works and avant garde film footage! For a taste of how weird this week is gonna get: Klaus von Nichtssagend becomes a pond, the Bruce High Quality Foundation does “CATS,” and there’ll be footage of the Tompkins Square Park riot at the New Museum. Plus, a whole lot of C. Spencer Yeh.

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Friday Links: A Fight for the Library, and A Mixed Bag of Fireworks

by Whitney Kimball on July 5, 2013

Screen shot of confiscated fireworks, from the TSA's first Instagram post

  • Good news for stemming the tide in New York City: opponents of the New York Public Library’s imminent renovation have filed suit against the plan in New York State Supreme Court. Patricia Cohen reports: “The suit…accuses the library of violating its charter and the state’s Constitution by dismantling seven floors of stacks and removing books from the site. It also says the library failed to conduct an environmental impact review.” Critics have called the plan drastic and hasty, so if nothing else, this will at least force a conversation. [Times]
  • Swiss architects Herzog & de Meuron have won the contract to design the Hong Kong contemporary art museum M+, beating out competitors Toyo Ito and Renzo Piano. The museum’s expected to be Hong Kong’s Tate Modern. [LA Times]
  • Hrag Vartanian’s very informative review of the Bruce High Quality Foundation’s Brooklyn Museum show is a must-read for the uninitiated. In his opinion, the show itself could use some more of that clarity. [Hyperallergic]
  • In case you missed all the excitement, the TSA’s on Instagram! So far, they’re posting photos of confiscated weapons, all willy-nilly. As of this writing, they’ve posted 11 photos and amassed over 31,000 followers. #knives #grenades #travel. [Instagram]
  • The Times reviews are in. Karen Rosenberg writes that Ellen Gallagher’s survey is spread too thin, between the Tate and the New Museum. Not a huge surprise for a two-part retrospective of a mid-career artist. [Times]
  • People like cats, and Roberta Smith does, too. She reviews “The Cat Show” at White Columns, the second New York art event this summer to hold an adoption drive– the other being Flux Factory’s “Kitty City.” [Times]
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This Week’s Must-See Art Events: More Openings Than Creative Time Has Staff

by Paddy Johnson Corinna Kirsch and Ian Marshall on June 24, 2013
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With Independence Day on the horizon, it’s no surprise that every New York gallery and museum seems to be opening a new show, hosting a workshop, or putting on an art event. Next week, the art world retreats to the Hamptons. A focus on the collective seems to be the theme of choice this summer, be it collective practice at Klaus Von Nichtssagend, collective movement at the EFA, or simply an art collective at the Brooklyn Museum.

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BHQF University Is Back in Session, Life Skills Offered

by Whitney Kimball on January 8, 2013
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“You Watching Me Googling You” is a course where students watch Jonah Emerson Bell google them until they talk about surveillance. It’s free!

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Cooper Union Students Prepare to Maintain Barricades Indefinitely

by Whitney Kimball on December 4, 2012
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They’ve got a toilet. They’ve got Twitter. They’re not leaving til their demands are met.

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Art History with Labor: Working in the Arts Sucks

by Leighann Morris on July 10, 2012
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The Bruces are at it again. This year they launched their second Brucennial and flew to Art Basel Miami to tell collectors why the institutional system is fucked. That wasn’t exactly a packed room, so now they’ve produced a video to spread the word. Art History with Labor, now on view at the Lever House and online takes “FUCK THE MAN!” to a whole new level.

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Opening Night at The Brucennial: A Fountain of PBR and a Sea of Art

by Paddy Johnson on March 1, 2012
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Reports of two-hour waits to get into the Brucennial last night were greatly exaggerated by the time I arrived at 9 pm. I waited ten minutes- and no, I did not request a line jump because the blog has collaborated with the organizers. An uncurated, salon-style show, the Brucennial is art collective Bruce High Quality Foundation and dealer Vito Schnabel’s alternative to the ritzier Whitney Biennial uptown.

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